Software Insights

Defining the KMI EHS Software Product Roadmap

Posted by Bruce McMahon July 11, 2014
KMI Product Roadmap

The definition of innovation is “the act or process of introducing ideas, devices or methods.” It is fitting for KMI as we are constantly evolving and improving our software. Our clients have learned to expect a continuous stream of releases with enhancements and new features. As a result many …

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Industry Insights

A Nudge in the Right Direction

Posted by Ron Varley May 26, 2014
optimize corporate health and safety

Organizations put great effort to create safe work environments. Unfortunately, accidents still happen in workplaces and far too frequently. The root cause is often put down to lack of training or inadequate procedures but the common factor is often careless human behavior, when people take shortcuts and ignore risks.

In 2008, …

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