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Recurring Audits & Inspections – Product Update for Version 5.2

Posted by Andrew Holmes January 14, 2016
5.2 calendar

VelocityEHS (formerly KMI), announced this week the release of version 5.2 of its EHS platform.

Consistent with our 2015 theme, 5.2 was built largely on feedback from our client community of EHS professionals. We deliberately put an emphasis on delivering the value and functionality that our users have voiced a need …

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Empowering Employees to have an Impact on Safety

Posted by Frank Skiba January 6, 2016
Empowering Employees to Have an Impact on Safety

“Everyone can have an impact on safety”. You can’t spend much time with Dustin Rusch, chief safety officer at J. F. Ahern Co., without hearing those words. Dustin and his team are putting those words into practice with the launch of their safety impact program that encourages all employees to …

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